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Traficop - traffic calming systems - Returning neighborhood streets back to the neighborhoods
Speed Cushion



Preformed rubber/polyurethane composite speed cushion. Modular design to allow the length and width to be easily adjustable by adding or changing modules



• 100% recycled rubber
• 2 part polyurethane binder


Hardness: Minimum 65° Shore A
Specific Gravity: 1.13
Skid Resistance: 89 (dry)
Tensile Strength: 500 psi
Deform Rate: None

100% recycled speed cushion

Dimensions (Standard Traficop):

Length: 6.5 ft.          Ramp Gradient:
Width: 6.25 ft.             Entrance: 1 : 10
Thickness: 3 in.            Side: 1 : 4
                                 Max Step: .5 in.


Entrance arrow made of white retro-reflective pavement marking tape 24 inches wide by 24 inches high. Marking is in-molded during manufacturing.

Anchor Devices and Assembly:

Angle Irons (provides cushion stability and structural integrity). Angle Iron Anchors - 10mm OD by 100mm A4 stainless steel Torx Head screws. Module Anchors - 10mm OD by 120mm A2 stainless steel lag bolts and 10mm SS washers. Quick set two-part polyester resin (Secures RediPlug in pavement). Patented RediPlug anchor 14mm OD by 10mm ID by 100mm long.