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Traficop - traffic calming systems - Returning neighborhood streets back to the neighborhoods
Speed Cushion

Traficop speed cushion overview


The Traficop is a modular recycled rubber speed cushion designed

to safely reduce neighborhood traffic speeds and volume.

Patented, modular speed cushion - easily installed on roadways

Patented, modular cushion -

easily installed on roadways

Emergency vehicle friendly speed cusion - preferred by fire and rescue departments

Emergency vehicle friendly -

preferred by fire and rescue departments


The Traficop Speed Cushion’s function is to safely reduce vehicular speeds, accidents and excessive cut-through traffic.


  safely reduces speeds to 20-30 mph

  Neighborhood Friendly

  quiet calming and multi-modal design

  Emergency Vehicle Safe

  allows EV’s to straddle and pass with minimal delay

  Maintenance Free

  durable rubber-polyurethane composite for years of maintenance free life

  Modular Design

  customizable and easy to transport and assemble

  Easy Installation

  as little as 45 minutes per cushion with no road closures


  remove and replace modules or entire device


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